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A fine album indeed - 99%

HeavyM, December 11th, 2003

The first ”viking” metal album Bathory released... atleast lyricly, the music is best described as thrash-metal with blackish growling vocals and its really awesome! I think It was planned to be released as a double-album with material from “Blood On Ice”, “Valhalla” from “Hammerheart” and “In Nomine Satanas” among other songs, but lets talk about the songs that achually are on here:

Odins Ride Over Nordland: This is an awesome intro! Even though its 3min long it really creates a good atmosphere...

A Fine Day To Die: This song is a riff-machine! The most perfect riffs for a opening song ever possess this song, this is probably the best Bathory song there is... don´t really know what to say, its just awesome...

The Golden Walls Of Heaven: Pure kick-ass thrash song with some Slayer influences! One of the better songs on the album

Pace till Death: Another great thrash-ripping song, this time I detect some Kreator influences but it really kicks ass! Has a cool (and funny) intro too!

Holocaust: A good song, but with strong competition from so great songs it doesn´t stands out too much...

For All Those Who Died: This song is a little different then the other, a little bit more mellow... not the best song on the album but a good refreshment

Dies Irae: Man what a kick-ass song! A real headbanger with a awesome part at 2:25! One of my favorites on the album!

Blood Fire Death: The last and most epic song on the album! And can only be matched by “A Fine Day To Die”, it has some keboards in the background that sounds really awesome! This is a perfect way to close the album with, also one of Bathorys best songs up to date!

This must be my favorite Bathory album! If you don´t like the epic viking stuff because of Quorthons clean vocals or the early Bathory album because they are to primitive then give this a try! Its really awesome both vocaly and musicly, even for those who don´t like the first few albums or the viking albums. Your metal cd-collection will stand incomplete without this album!