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Pace 'till death! - 95%

Dethrone_Tyranny, September 15th, 2003

That song title clear sums up this thrash metal monster. Fast, merciless thrash metal with screechy growls, much more lethal than anything Quorthon will ever do, or has done vocally. The production is cleaned up from the previous three releases, and is done much faster and far heavier, as if it was Kreator's evil little brother. That is why this is Bathory's best release IMO.

Odin's Ride Over Nordland - This intro totally blows away Storm of Damnation, and most other album intros in general. Dark chants, symphonic music and the roar of thunder blare away in the background while the sound of a horse cries out, giving the listener a mental image of this Nordic god, Odin, riding out over a vast land. Speaking of Kreator earlier, Choir Of The Damned can't even touch this.

A Fine Day To Die - An acoustic guitar intro and soft, whisper-like vocals open up this masterpiece, but it's not long before the heaviness and growls kick in all at once, followed by a mid-paced beat and crushing riffs that bombard the listener. This is one of Bathory's all-time best songs, and the second best on the album. The solo will ripp you open a new asshole. Vocally, Quorthon sounds better than ever. He doesn't screech so much on this tune, but he still delivers a killer vocal performance. The entire song itself is very epic, but lethal at the same time.

The Golden Walls Of Heaven - Here's where the album really starts to give Kreator a run for the money. Quorthon's growls and screeches here are unbelievable, and the blazing fast speed remains constant through out the entire song. As for the riffage, well, it crushes the golden walls of heaven thsemselves.

Pace 'Till Death - "Mirror mirror on the wall I'm the fastest of them all!!!!!!"...I just love that line. I mean, that line clearly describes this track quite accurately, for it is the fastest song on the album, not only pace and riff wise, but Quorthon sounds like a fucking maniac burning in Hell, more than he usually does. One particular thing I noticed about the beginning of this song is its intro. There is this little Teacher's Pet-ish guitar lick, no joke. I doubt this is just a "coincidence" to Venom, like the debute album was.

Holocaust - This song is almost as fast as the previous track, and is just about as vicious. The solos in between the verses absolutley slay, and the main riffage is no less tame. One thing that deserves some mention as well about this song is the countdown towards the end just before the sound of a bomb explodes in the background behind the music. Probably one of the main highlights in the overall album.

For All Those Who Died - Very nice groove riffs and mid-paced beat. This song probably has the catchiest riffage through out the entire album. As for the vocals, well Quorthon screeches non-stop, particularly during the chorus..."For all those who diiiiiiiiiiiieeed"....sheesh!

Dies Irae - Okay....this is as lethal and brutal as the album gets. It puts Pace 'Till Death to shame! I mean, I take back what I said about Pace 'Till Death being the fastest on the album, because this one blows it away. Yes, it does slow down for about a minute, but the speed resumes 'till the very end. Speaking of the end, the song's ending is just amazing, like a bunch of bombs exploding in the air...

Blood Fire Death - Ah, here we have the greatest song, not only on the album itself, but this, in my opinion, is Bathory's greatest song ever. A 10+ minute epic that begins with acoustic guitars and chants just like Fine To Day To Die did, but this song is far superior to it in every way. Strong, catchy and mid-paced, that's what this song is. Speaking of pace, that's another similarity that this song has to A Fine Day To Die, but I say once again, this song is far superior. The chants in the beginning of the song do no cut off once the heaviness kicks in, they go along with the main riffage of the entire song, which add to the mood and give the listener a mental image of a Nordic battle taking place. As for Quorthon's vocals, well, they're the most tamed out on this track, and are more or less just a raspy vox, rather than a growl.
So overall, this is an amazing, phenominal track, and is everything EPIC should be.