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Loloj, September 22nd, 2011

This album is truly mind blowing. This was probably the most brutal album of all time when it was released as well as the birth of true black metal. The speed, the intensity, the anger, the's all here. This is where the planets aligned. This is the shit, quite frankly!

The vocals are absolutely raw, evil shrieks. Quorthon sounds fantastic on every track. These were unheard of vocals back in 84 and I imagine it scared people shitless. It literally sounds like demons have just been belched out of hell and are running wild in the streets, mutilating people. This is pure evil. Many people have tried to copy this vocal style, but have failed. This is truly one of a kind, and it sounds great. The riffs are incredible as well. They are blazingly fast and angry. They don't get boring, aren't repetitive, and they don't suffer from the buzzing of many other early black metal albums. The solos are just as good, if not better. Fast as hell and in your face, Quorthon shows how truly great of a musician he is. The bass isn't exactly prominent, but it has some interesting parts and doesn't just hide behind the riffs the whole time which a lot of great albums have suffered from. The drums aren't exactly full of complex parts. They're basically just pounding fast and loud on the snare and the crash symbol, but they sound great. I just love hearing him crushing the snare. The musicianship isn't exactly as good as it was to come. Some may even call it sloppy. But it was innovative, it was unique, and it was evil.

This is the album that started black metal. You may think it was Venom or Hellhammer, but this is true black metal. Shrieks, fast and sloppy playing, crappy sound quality, and songs about possession and Satan. This is one of my favorite albums ever. It influenced a whole genre and is still fast and evil to this day. Buy it at all costs.