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Venom and Motorhead meet screechy BM vocals? - 80%

Estigia666, May 28th, 2003

Some of you who followed Bathory's epic style, or even the "The Return" or "Under the Sign...", would be shocked to hear this one. Yes, the title of my review describe the style of this album accurately. And to think Quorton once mentioned in an interview that he never heard Venom before the release of this (yeah, right).

After the 3 minute intro (Storm of Damnation), we get hitted in the head with "Hades", then "Ripper", which sound much alike. The production is lousy, but don't let that you distract from the riffs and the punk-ish drumming which do their job in bringing you into total headbanging frenzy. If only Quorton had a better guitar tone for this album (Kind of like Slayer's at the time), it would have worked much better.

"Necromansy" goes along the same lines as the previous, though a bit slower. An opening riff Lemmy Kilmister would have thought off brings us to "Sacrifice"....BANG YOUR HEAD!!!! *bang* *bang* *bang*. The rest of the song sound like something out of Welcome to Hell, and you know that can't be a bad thing. We got a highlight here! Both "In Conspiracy with Satan" and "Armageddon" use fast tremolo distorted riffs, much alike modern black metal bands. "Raise the Dead" is THE midpaced song of this album, it's great choice of riffs makes it one of this album's winners. It is eerie, dark and will make you headbang at a steady pace...what more can you ask? "War" is another fast tune in the lines of "Sons of Satan" or "Witching Hour". Of course it works great too, and finishes the album on a high note.

Mind you that this isn't one of Bathory's greatest albums, but if you liked Venom's mighty black metal trilogy, you can't let this pass.