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Quite Good Grind/Death Split - 78%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, September 24th, 2008

I was very curious about these two bands, one from my mother country, so I decide this listen to this split album. Antigama was a new name to me while Bastard Saints wasn’t because I heard a lot of good comments about this band. Even if two songs out of four are covers (one for group) we can really see what they’re about.

Antigama is a good death/grind machine and already during the Repulsion cover “Radiation Sickness” they make me crazy! Pure old school stuff, reminiscent of early Terrorizer with less grind Napalm Death influences! The vocals are not too extreme in the tonality but more on the distortion without being completely death metal and cacophonous. “The President Says Yes” is late Napalm Death oriented for some dissonant riffs and speed start with blast beats, here a bit chaotic but good anyway. Odd the vocals alternation.

Bastard Saints are more brutal death metal in their style with guttural/screamed vocals. The guitar lines are quite complex with bunch of stop and go and strange breaks that reminded me Cryptopsy. Sometimes they’re a bit too jumbled, especially during the blast beats. I think they want to be as complicated as possible but in this way they loose in impact and boredom grows a bit. The Mortician cover “Apocalyptic Devastation” is revisited by the group style, so less extreme and gore with the quite clear-cut instruments.The bass work on these tracks is always very good: technical and beating.

Well, at the end nothing great but quite good death/grind that is mostly recommended to “open-minded” people in this genre. Non conventional brutality.