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The perfect soundtrack to HELL!!!!! - 100%

Adrian_Grave, March 22nd, 2009

This is by far the most brutal REAL DEATH METAL demo I've heard this century. Seriously, this band kicks the shit out of most of early 90s death metal, and makes REPUGNANT look like a black metal band, haha! And that my friends, is an achievement! BASTARD PRIEST is one of those bands that take influence off the ancient roots of death metal, but unlike some of the other bands that merely imitate the style, BASTARD PRIEST takes the style, mixes it with crust punk, adds some REPULSION and MASTER influences and then morphs it into a bulldozer from hell that crushes and obliterates EVERYTHING in it's path without mercy!!

The songwriting is pretty minamilistic, primitive and to the point as how all REAL death metal should be! No pretentious guitar hero bullshit, and none of that snooze fest gravity blasting crap either! The main focus here is put into making the songs sound crushing, intense, and evil as fuck. Needless to say this was achieved perfectly. The riffing is awesome, it has REPULSION written all over it mixed with old school Swedish DEATH, with alot of evil sounding melodies and some catchy hooks that'll make you wanna bang your head! The drumming essentially follows a thrash formulae, but with a punkish tinge during key sections, aswell as having a primitive reaping edge to it. The bass notes follow the drums and help make the sound feel alot thicker and dense. Combined with a raw production, these instruments sound like the perfect soundtrack to hell and maintain a killer Swedish hellish death punkish vibe. The pace is mostly fast, but there are also a few midpace and doomy passages to be found here. The vocals are consist of over the top aggressive screaming and yelling with an echo effect put into the vocals to make for an out of this world feel, so in other words they make for a perfect narrative to the music. Nothing here sounds forced, and everything is just genuine worship of metal of death!

There is no filler on this demo at all, and each song slays in it's own right, Even the cover song of a hardcore punk band known as BOMBANFALL fits perfectly into the style that BASTARD PRIEST are trying to capture. One of the highlights of this album is the first track with the way the song starts off with a barriage of artillery and explosions, then out of nowhere you hear "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" and before you know it, your surrounded by a wall of DEATH that is intense enough to make you get shivers running down your spine!! Another highlight is the evil melodies that are sprinkled across the album in the form of guitar solos, these just add to the badarse evil atmosphere behind the demo and helps breathe life to the songs!

The evilness and passion behind this music is what made me give it 10, anything less than 10 would be a crime! This is absolutely essential if your looking for some pure new morbid death metal. Hunt this crushing gem down and nab it before it gets sold out! If you don't wanna die a Merciless Insane Death, then leave the hall you wimp!