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Obliterated Potential - 45%

Flamos, September 30th, 2008

Many bass players out there believe that the bass guitar is constantly overlooked and deserves more appreciation. In my opinion the bass guitar is the backbone of most metal bands. So, Markus Grasskopf has decided to assemble an amazing cast of bass players to create the band known as Bassinvaders. This should be interesting, right?

Well sadly, no. This is a great idea on paper that in reality just doesn’t work. Bass guitars are of course evident; drums are also in place here with some vocals. The blueprint of just bass guitars doing the work of guitars is a cool concept, but sadly, the writing here isn’t exactly original. The lyrics themselves aren’t interesting and the singing is below average. Even legendary singers like Tom Angelripper from Sodom can’t save this. It’s just too boring. With the legendary cast of performers, this should’ve been great and a unique listen. This just doesn’t deliver.

Luckily there are a few tracks that are good. “Dead From the Eyes Down” is a thrash track with great vocals and the absence of guitars is hard to notice. The Helloween cover of “Eagle Fly Free” is ok but the vocals drag it down a bit.

Unfortunately, those are the only two songs I feel like mentioning, because the rest is uninspired and bland. This could’ve been something remarkable and unique, but all that comes out is a bass overload with bland songwriting. I hope they try this again someday, and actually deliver the package we all want.