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Atomic Arena - 85%

Obrian, November 22nd, 2007

After their previous album Rock for the King, I was eagerly anticipating further material from the band. Not only was I pleased with the music itself but B.C. were one of the first Christian "white" metal bands I got into. They played awesome metal reminiscent of a Judas Priest with a Bruce Dickinson sound alike, in a field unfortunately littered with really bad Christian bands.

Atomic Arena didn't disappoint. Imaginary music was a nice mid tempo song to set things off too. Killers of the unborn is an awesome cut with a powerful message with an even more powerful riff to back it up. From this point the songs just continue to slay and at some points you find yourself thinking, "hmm this can't last, they are going to screw something up soon here." To my pleasure however they never really deliver a bad song on this release. Some songs do happen to be a little less powerful and settle nicely into the "good song but not very memorable" category. Which is my only real complaint with the album.

Overall the album has some awesome hard-hitting tracks (Killers of the unborn and my personal favorite Deadlock), A really great ballad (Heaven or Nothing), Some unremarkable yet good songs (Terrorist child and Close to the Edge), and a quasi-Epic closer (Living Dead). If you’re into Classic metal then by all means check it out.