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I like this - 80%

Noktorn, September 3rd, 2008

Sort of a mixture of naturalistic rock and sludgy post-metal here, and the combination does seem to work. You could say it's Isis meets Porcupine Tree, though a bit more straightforward than either of those. There's only three tracks and they're all good, but I like the slow buildup of 'Rise' the best, with its Pelicanesque noodling in the beginning, not in a rush to get anywhere in particular though clearly having some direction.

It conjures images of bright skies and rolling, verdant, treeless hills without being overly happy. It's just a very open variety of music; rock based drumming generally devoid of a second bass drum organically clatters under a handful of alternated power chords with the occasional splitting lead section. Vocals are a hoarse shout, like one would expect. Overall it's rather conventional as far as its parents genres go, but it combines the two in something of a novel way. The rock helps cut the natural pretense of the post-metal and the post-metal prevents the rock from being too simplistic and trite. In general I like the band when they're moving in a Pelicany direction the most and just letting it flow. Occasionally it speeds up, creating a small climax here or there, but the overall feel is pretty unaggressive and drifting. It all feels very organic.

I imagine this is a really good release to listen to coming from inside your car while laying on the hood, staring at the clouds. It's pretty relaxing and nice if not especially deep. I recommend it.