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BuriedInside, January 21st, 2011

So I wrote a Review for the Blue Record soon after buying it and I mentioned that I was first introduced to this band through the First EP and I stated how much I enjoyed it. Here is why.

The first EP by Baroness is a gargantuan mountain of riffs that are held together by some of the most impressive and dynamic, while still young and primitive songwriting that I've heard in years. It might be the fact that this EP's sound quality is a bit raw and amateur sounding that ends up helping it's cause in the end. While it retains the rawness of a band that doesn't sound like they've been together forever, the songwriting is head and shoulders the main asset here. The structure really isn't the most complex in it's actual form, but there are so many parts that are abandoned and then revisited that it holds the listeners attention. Riffs are furiously crashing into eachother throughout the entire listen, and the pacing is perfect for this type of music. It's a fun listen, and it's a rewarding listen, and it's a genuine listen.

A lot of people claim that early Baroness borrows too much the bigger names in sludge, but although I don't hear it, even if it is true that some of the pieces are hand me downs, no one puts the puzzle together better than this band does.