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Great First Effort by Baroness - 90%

ApocalypticWarrior, April 6th, 2007

When the first time I listened to this EP I was blown away. Baroness does not play a specific type of metal such as death or thrash, but instead seems to just be metal. I can’t really find a label for them on this EP, although I guess Sludge is the most appropriate for the purpose of this review. While only 17 minutes long, this CD is one of the most enjoyable I have in my collection and I will sometimes find myself listening to it 2 or 3 times in a row. Just because these guys don’t have a full length CD out does not mean that they should be taken lightly. Baroness is for real.

The first song, Tower Falls, is probably the best song that Baroness has ever written. The song starts off with a neat little intro which is followed by some cheesy nu-metal riffs but at about the 50 second mark things definitely start to pick up. While 7 minutes in length, this song never gets old or repetitive. The song has so much going on in it that you really have to hear it to understand just how good it is.

Coeur, the second song on this EP, is definitely a letdown after Tower Falls but is still a decent song. It’s loud and full of energy like all the songs that Baroness has but other than that it is just average. It’s a short song though (only a little over 3 minutes) and things definitely pick up with Rise.

Rise is the final song and is definitely one of Baroness’ better songs. The song starts off with some beautiful guitar work for the first 2 minutes or so before the vocals kick in. The rest of the song is your average Baroness but those first 2 minutes make this song one of the best that Baroness has.

This score would probably be higher if Coeur had a little more going on in it but this is still a solid effort by Baroness. Really, if you like metal than you will probably like this CD because it offers something to everyone. Even if Coeur isn’t that great of a song, I would gladly pay the 8 dollars to get this EP just for Tower Falls so please don’t pass this up, you’ll just regret it later if you do.