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Barbatos / Templar - Templar / Barbatos

Atomic Perversions - 75%

Neheroth, August 16th, 2021
Written based on this version: 2021, Digital, Independent

Riding the entropic wastelands of austere humanity, spreading the barbed wire sermons of nuclear diffusion—separating limb from limb, taking loin from flesh and painting the world filth black with the remains—rises a conspiracy of dual devastation. Forged between newcomers of leather clad maniacal survivalism, those imperialists of the irradiated dunes, Templar, and the veterans of total street metal sexual perversion, Abigail; comes a split incantation of schizophrenic sorcery, nervous systems of mortalkind splayed out on the chopping blocks of nuclear gods. No mercy here amongst the oil stained slave soldiers of desperate ruin—only the sounds of warfare, those both internal and external, mortal flesh strained against the harsh winds of immortal indifference. Forever lost in an atomic storm is it’s own making.

Starting this succession of audial war salvos, Templar spends no time meandering in the ravines of shadow, and scorches all ear drums in range within the first second of its unchaining of the incantation. Blistering barrages of percussive tempo brutality, punching power tremolo chord melodies, wild vocal orations of wicked character, and an endearing execution of post-apocalyptic thematic that few in these contemporary seasons could even hope to grasp. All this wrapped in a barbed wire bow of powerful production—one that beats even the remastered efforts for their debut incantation, which was already a punch in the face to begin with, now a spiked booked stamping down on cracked throat.

With only two spells to lend their name too, one being a superb cover of Finnish cult punk entity Maho Neitsyt, “Nuclearly Armed Graveyard”, which is aggressive display of Templar’s collective terror, especially the percussive brutality of Wardrum Inspirator—which delivers blow after blow of speed freak derangement, time changes made at the flick of the switchblade, all propelled at skull shattering tempo. However, the real gut crusher of their side of the incantation is the penetrating spell, “Phallout”, a phallic expression of total supremacy and another knockout spell to add to the entities library. The melodies evoked by Master Templar, Master General, and Seismic Templar are magnificent, and carry that same sense of desperate urgency that the best Templar spells present—last stand narrative told through a medley of tremolo and power chord devastation, the guitar solo toward the end of the piece exceptional in the emotions in communicates. All of this enchanted in the atomic sadist preachings of the Master General himself, whose insane cries, screeches and howls of defiance—backed by the orations from other members of Templar—elevate the rest of the composition and give it that much needed character that any black/speed/thrash entity worth their bone fuel requires to stand out from the masses.

The second half of this split incantation is undertaken by legendary sex freak maniacs Barbatos, who have been carving the ephemeral world more many seasons now, with their infectious blend of filth stained speed punk and sexually depraved black thrash. The same as those newcomers that came before, this veteran entity of sickening hellfire wastes no time throwing its victims headfirst into its subterranean torture chambers—penetrating force of outrageous vilolence piercing the veil of common decency and neck breaking spell composition.

For those unfamiliar with Barbatos—as well as sister entity Abigail—their sound relies on that leather clad expression of unapologetic masculinity, one that you can smell the whiskey and blood from a league away. As with Templar, they provide two spells of boisterous ruin, each taken from the entities last full-length incantation, Straight Metal War, and re-recorded especially for this alliance with the templars renegades—they serve well to bring the malice of male domination to the fore of street war massacre and concrete slab apathy. “Straight Metal War'' is a barbaric display of infectious, blues inflected, speed melodies, hurtled forward by a blazing barrage of d-beat style percussive patterns, punctuated by the cold rasps of the damned, fury only spent once the spell is brought to a close. “Rocking Metal Sluts” relies more on a mid-paced fist pumping anthem composition to deliver it’s ruin upon eardrum flesh, featuring a maligned chorus of captivating vocal disgust, all enclosed by a raucous concoction of blitz guitar solo stylings.

Templar and Barbatos have successfully forged a potent alliance between themselves for this split incantation of wasteland warrior supremacy. Direct, savage, infectious, filthy, and no fucks given—any acolyte on the hunt for a fix of fun, no holds barred, black speed worship in a small, but throat searing, package need look no further. In conspiracy with record cabals, Left Hand Patches and Quiet Notes, who bring this serving of entropic destruction on the raven wax wheels of seven inch damnation, it seems a no brain box for those to cradle their claws around this bolster of brimstone brutality. This combined with the amazing illustration provided by Finnish weird wizard, K. Koskivirta of Oksennus, all belies a split incantation that will tear the fluids from your flesh and imbibe heavily of those lifebloods contained within.