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Barbatos' Review - 85%

Tawxik, July 16th, 2015
Written based on this version: 2014, CD, AreaDeath Productions (Limited edition)

Barbatos can be summed up with the following three actions: Drink beer, Headbang yourself silly and go fuck. The term bangover is highly appropriate when applied to Barbatos, or any of Yasuyuki Suzuki’s projects for that matter. The lyrics are depraved, overly sexual and generally just inane with all ignorant stereotypes about metal music and metalheads attached: The objectification of women, anthems for drinking excessive amounts of beer, encouragement and praise for deviant acts of vandalism, and, of course, sex. Lots of sex. There’s no profound, philosophical or political message to Barbatos’ material; no mind-blowing ideology. The take away, if there is any, is getting shitfaced, having fun, and fucking, all set to the melody of primitive, bare-boned punk-metal noise.

Rocking Metal Motherfucker is just another collection of Barbatos’ blasphemous mantras (The soundtrack to a devoted headbanger’s lifestyle). The songs all possess the signature pervert touch of Yasuyuki Suzuki and all sound like they came from the same musical vein as all of his other musical projects. The difference between this release to other Barbatos releases on AreaDeath Productions is the addition of live recordings from their 2001 Drakkar Hell Fest and 2013 Hatsudai WALL sets along with a cover of Vulpecula ‘s song “The First Point of Aries.” Barbatos’ material is definitely suited for the live setting. Their rudimentary, fist-pumping-inducing hailstorm would be a treat to experience in a Japanese dive bar. Similarly, their cover of Vulpecula’s “The First Point of Aries” is just as celestial as the original. All in all, Barbatos is a great downright dirty auditory encounter that leaves the pervert in all of us thirsty for our most crucial and primitive need: more thrashing metal…and beer?

We Are Rocking Metal Motherfuck! - 85%

GraveViorator, February 12th, 2008

As you can probably tell from my User Name I'm a pretty huge Barbatos fan. I remember the first time I heard this band: it was late one night and I was stoned out of my mind for the first time in my life at my friend's house. He was showing me Mp3s and he said "Hey man! Check this song out!" The song he showed me was Barbatos' "Dick Is Fucking Big". When it heard it my mind was completely blown. It was like a head-on collision between The Misfits and Venom and quite possibly the catchiest thing I had ever heard. I wasn't sure if it was just the effects of the pot, but something about the song stuck with me.

You see, the special thing about Barbatos is that they are quite possibly the stupidest band of all time. However, they also rule more than most metal bands around today. The key is catchy song-writing, vocals that sound like a drunken troll who wants to get laid, lots and lots of beer, and the funniest (and most unintentionally brilliant) broken-English lyrics you're ever likely to come across. Yet despite how hilarious the band is they're also honest and great at doing what they do. And for that reason I genuinely respect Barbatos from the bottom of my heart.

So, let's talk about Rocking Metal Motherfucker (or, as the singer says in the song, "ROCKING METAL MOTHERFUCK!"). Though not every song on the album is a winner some of the songs are so good that they top "War! Speed and Power". Their stuff is fast, passionate, rock and roll influenced, punk/metal that sounds like a mix of Bathory, The Misfits, Discharge and Venom. The vocals are a whole lot of fun as they sound like a really silly take on black metal vocals. It's great to scream the lyrics along with the guy, and how can you resist when there are gems like "SEXUAL METAL HOLOCAUST WILL CRUSH POSER GAY!" It's the kind of music that should be essential for any drunken metal night.

Highlights include: "Rocking Metal Motherfucker", "Dick Is Fucking Big", "Blonde Hair and Bitch", "Drink 'Til Death" and the feminist anthem "I Love To Eat Pussy".

So it turned out that my love for this band wasn't just the product of being stoned. I love them because they're good, drunken, Satanic fun!

What the hell happened? - 70%

Thrashohol, October 12th, 2006

I find the new direction a lot of underground black metal has been taking very exciting; especially those bands who have adopted thrashier riffs, and a punk ethos. After 15 years, the traditional template of black metal is getting a bit worn out, and it's refreshing to see players new and old reforging the sound of evil. Leading the way seems to be Japan's Abigail, and in particular, Yasuyuki Suzuki's Barbatos.
I was floored the first time I heard 'War Speed and Power', I was amazed when Abigail upped the ante with 'Forever Street Metal Bitch'. Naturally, I assumed 'Rocking Metal Motherfucker' would be just as good if not better.
At first I was right, as Red Leather Bitch exploded out of the stereo with it's simplistic riffing and descending bass line, burrowing into my mind much the same way Prophecy of the Evening Star from WSaP had.

But then it happened.

The opening riff to 'Drink Til Death' was a terrible 'happy punk' riff that has been regurgitated up by boring punk bands for the last 30 years. Same with the next song, and the next, and the next, and the next, with 666 Deadly Omens being the absolute worse offender. I was cringing so bad with memories of boring bands I'd seen in high school, that I almost flung the CD out of the player then and there. It sounded like the Casualties, it sounded like Blanks 77, it sounded like Quincy Punx; in short, every terrible 'street' punk band I'd made the mistake of listening to in my youth. I halfway expected Yasuyuki to throw and 'oi oi oi' into the song. Finally, 'Apocalyptic Nuclear Hell' marked a return to form, but by then, the damage had been done, and I could no longer muster the excitement for this album I had in the beginning.

I dont care if you're a metalhead just discovering punk, or a punk discovering metal, shit music is shit music. Just because a black metal band is playing bland overused punk riffs doesnt add any sort of credibility to the music. If it's bad, it's bad, and that's what these songs were. I expected a lot more out of Barbatos, it seems like he would have realized how cliche it sounded.

To summerize, I'm not saying this is a terrible album, it just could have been so much better. I can only hope that this rampant disregard of good musical composition was brought on by high levels of intoxication and drug use.

Title basically says it all... - 80%

hyalmalindele, January 7th, 2004

Rocking Metal Motherfucker is the perfect title for this rocking metal motherfucker of an album. I like this a LOT better than ABIGAIL. Musically, it's more of a straightforward tribute to early metal like Venom, Priest, Motorhead... than aforementioned act, and the vocals are more decipherable without being less abrasive. The vocal delivery is really raunchy, which is necessary to give the lyrics their full effect. I love the way Yasuyuki yells "Dick is... fucking big!!" and "Fuck that sacred pussy!!" with his unorthodox Japanese accent. Songs are quite short, almost all of them under three minutes, but this is the most effective way of doing this kind of music. It's the perfect accompaniment to some beer-bashing and/or filthy violent fucking, even if it's not much fun for anything else. I get horny just listening to this, and start thinking of all kinds of unmentionable debaucheries! Well, some of that is input from the lyrics which are basically just like the semi-conscious rantings of some irreverant and violent youth, piss-drunk for the first time in his life (which, by the way, is not a bad thing ;D). Production-wise it's pretty grainy, and although usually the old types of metal that it copies are suited to a somewhat cleaner sound, there is no problem here as it seems to fit with its sound quite well, nothing being trampled over and everything being audible enough to appreciate it. Good stuff!