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Dark... - 98%

MetalReaper, December 11th, 2004

Between the Infernal and Legions of Perkele albums Barathrum had two releases, the Devilry-promo and this 7" Jetblack-ep. This EP is kind of mixture of the early demo-tracks and the Infernal-album. Though this was released through a very small label, it's produced well. Sound quality is high, but threatening.

The song "Jetblack" contains only one guitar-riff, and sounds like the old demo-track or some Infernal-track. The most similar Barathrum-song compared with this is "Death is Saviour". The track is full of Sova's clean vocals moaning and hellish growls in the background. Track ends with threatening drumming.

The second track is "Hellbreed" is faster and even has more complicated guitar-riff (but it isn't technical) than the experimental title-track. Sova makes his evil groans excellently. Both tracks are pure Barathrum-classics and every Barathrum-fan should not miss these, even if they are hard to get. Only 666 copies were printed…