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Hyvästi! Farewell! - 75%

PazuzuZlave, February 16th, 2005

According to all reliable sources, this is their last release as Barathrum have now split up as a band. I've never liked farewell albums that much. They always seem rushed through to meet the deadline, almost making you feel grateful the band split up. With Anno Aspera though, such is not the case.

From the intro to the last song, Barathrum shows us just how creative they can be. This album features a lot of different tempos & different styles. The intro is quite good. Multiple psychotic, eerie laughters fill your speakers, and you begin to feel a bit paranoid. Then, the opener "Corpse Desecration" kicks in. A very simple, but blackish riff starts, and then all the other instruments come along. The vocal patterns on this song are astounding. Demonos Sova has really put a lot of work into how the lyrics should be executed. He sounds more like a demon than before, like he would be suffering and shouting away the pain. Very good! The lyrics are quite obscene, but suitable for this release.

Some of the songs, like "Corpse Desecration" & "Mother of Christ" sound like they could have been written by Immortal in their early days (cirka Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism). This sort of black metal has not been heard in a very long time, and to be honest, I miss it. Chilling, eerie and cold riffs are the strength of this album. If I have to find any cons, I'd have to say I find the ultra-slow parts (like the beginning of "Into Maze of Nightmares") quite annoying at times.

There are a lot of songs that suffer from the fact that they will never be played live. It's a shame we'll never (apparently) get to see that. Goodbye Barathrum, thank you for some good times, and a hell of a final album. I strongly recommend this to all fans of old school black metal, as well as previous barathrum releases.