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The balance of power has shifted scales! - 95%

Kristenhat666, September 22nd, 2007

It cannot be denied that Norway and Sweden are no longer the countries that rule the BM spectrum. Another country has evidently taken over from them, and is not likely to relinquish the mantle of power in the near future. For those who have yet to guess which country I'm referring to, it's Finland, of course!

It's precisely BAPTISM's "THE BEHERIAL MIDNIGHT" that convinced me to explore the Finnish BM scene and that, ultimately, represented my first step towards acknowledging Finland's musical supremacy in this field. In 2002, when this CD/LP was released, it took the undeground BM scene by surprise. I can hardly imagine anyone listening to this album and not being blown away by the seemingly boundless number of brilliant riffs and melodies! Talk about inspiration! And this is where BAPTISM prevail over the majority of, let's admit it, average bands that make up most of today's Black Metal scene. "THE BEHERIAL MIDNIGHT" is simply a voyage into the depths of obscure beauty, with all that it could possibly offer. It sounds mostly like second wave BM but does not turn its back on the first one either. It combines both in fact to produce an ensemble that won't leave any real fan cold!

I could never praise "THE BEHERIAL MIDNIGHT" sufficiently. It gives us the best of what BM is all about. Recommended, you ask? I personally own both the LP and CD releases. Is that enough as answer?