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...And Satan's Light Shall Guide Thee! - 95%

Kristenhat666, September 27th, 2007

Yes, precisely. That's what the cover seems to express. A lugubrious and tenebrous cave lies open before your eyes and you have but a faint light in the distance that seems to be calling for you and luring you into the "EVIL MYSTERIES" of darkness, where the chosen few shall wander and explore Satan's treasures. BAPTISM have spawned a MiniLP that guides us into a realm of desolate beauty and musical ecstasy!

In an age where so many people are contented with having MP3 versions of albums, some of us still choose to buy things original and to support the bands. BAPTISM clearly deserve this support and what "EVIL MYSTERIES" gives the listener more than makes up for the money spent on buying the item! The riffs are a little different from what we heard on BAPTISM's previous full-lengths, but the songs are just as praiseworthy as they have always been. To put things into context, I will say that Lord Sarcofagian has added an electro-accoustic feel to some riffs, while keeping the melodies that supporters have come to expect over the years. I'm sure that many of us feel nervous whenever one of our favourite TBM bands announces a new album, for fear of them abandoning everything they have ever represented, be it musically or ideologically. BAPTISM are, however, still marching with full force and have not lost an ounce of the BM spirit they've had all along. "EVIL MYSTERIES" comes as a confirmation of the band's attachment to the Black Metal cause, and at just over 25 minutes, is free of any redundant riffs that might bore some listeners.

This is as good as Black Metal can get in this age of trends and sell-outs. So if it's EVIL you seek and you long to explore the MYSTERIES of Satan's realm, "EVIL MYSTERIES" will undoubtedly quench your hunger!