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Better have some Ibuprofen handy - 36%

broomybroomybroomy, November 17th, 2011

The first song I heard from this band was "Scourge Under Empyreal Treachery" off their 2006 demo. That song is pretty cool. This song is included on this band's debut album and, somehow, I like the demo version better. It's still a good track, though. It's got catchy riff after catchy riff.

As for the rest of this album... it's very irritating. I can't distinguish one song from the next, because it seems all the riffs all are extremely similar. Most of the riffs are fast, palm-muted, single string plucking on the lower end of their guitars. Ocassionally, they'll take a break from all that work with their left hands and simply tremolo pick open strings. When they decide to change things up a little bit and play a cool riff, they apparently decide that a few seconds of that is enough and go back to the E-string wankery. It makes me wonder if both of the guitarists broke their top four strings and didn't care to replace them before recording this album. As for the drummer, he follows every single thing that the string instruments do and shows no creativity or independence. I truly think he plays the same blast beat in every song. The vocalist is okay; he has a very hollow kind of voice that is definitely nothing special.

As for the recording, it isn't low fidelity, but it isn't high fidelity either. I love listening to my metal at deafeningly loud volumes, but after just a few tracks on this album, I have a splitting headache. The music has absolutely no room to breathe or musicality in it, and it just comes off as static to me. Sure, the musicians can play, but can they write? This is probably what your mom hears when you listen to a good death metal album.

The only songs that stand out from the others on this album (besides the one that I described in the beginning of this review) are "An Inimical Figure," "Adverse Offering from the Supreme," and "Cleansing the Infirm." All three of these songs have something in common: they start off well and then become completely ruined. "An Inimical Figure" is an instrumental song, and ends with a bunch of melo-death and a slow solo in the end of it. In fact, the instrumental reaches the slowest speed on the entire album and yet... it still isn't refreshing to hear.

It wouldn't suprise me at all if each song was written in 15 minutes. I suppose I can't say it isn't "heavy," but the thing that bothers me is that this band's idea of a good metal song is speed, down-tuned guitars, palm muting, and that's it. The album gets a 36 simply because of the one good song and the fact that it isn't deathcore.