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A great album, missing personal touch. - 87%

opium89, November 1st, 2010

First thing announcing the atmosphere of this album is unquestionably its cover. By staring at it a bit longer you may notice all the emotions embedded in the music. Music will guide you from chaotic state, through hate, darkness, anger, sadness, to the loss of all emotions, to an empty state in which one is unable to feel. But let’s not judge the book by it’s cover.

First chapter: “Chaos”. Skipping the intro that usually sets the right atmosphere, the album starts with heavy drum and guitar hits, followed by a very powerful and mean theme. Further on, combining different growling and screaming vocals and various drum patterns, they make their music “wanna go out of control”, yet it is controlled by using slower passages. The third song continues where the second stops by going totally out of control. Confusion. Chaos.

Just before it’s too much, the chaotic noise is calmed down by a melodic instrumental that leads the listener to the second chapter: “Darkness”. Although themes are still fast and grim, one can also hear a strong death metal influence. Tempo and rhythm changes. Strong brakes, and heavy riff parts make this part different, more defined and sharper from previous.

“Emptiness”. The last chapter. “Inherited Infection” introduces slow doomish melodies between the fast parts of the song. The slow parts finally prevail during the penultimate song on the album. The melancholic melody, heavy chords and deep growls call for emptiness. The album ends with an eerie, empty, instrumental. The quest is fulfilled, the listener is taken through chaos, darkness and emptiness.

Speaking of genres, this album is a combination of many. Although they consider their music black death metal, there are influences of almost all metal sub-genres. Starting from the slow parts typical of doom metal, heavy parts influenced by old school death metal, to wide range of vocals typical of all extreme metal sub-genres. Sharp, tight and bright production adds modern, at some points industrial feel. Simple, but wisely fitted arrangements make it easy to listen, but keeping the listener’s attention. The lyrics are filled with hate, disappointment, sadness and anger.

Honestly, I have to agree with Zlabog’s conclusion. Away from combining all that has been already heard, “Chaos, Darkness & Emptiness” does not bring innovations. This is the only reason for the lower grade. But after listening to this album, I’m looking forward to their future releases, hoping they will contain stronger personal touch!