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Baltak > Macedonian Darkness and Evil > Reviews > Egregius
Baltak - Macedonian Darkness and Evil

Most horrible noise that resembles music perhaps - 75%

Egregius, August 8th, 2004

Baltak makes horribly horribly noisy black metal. The music has been described as DarkThrone worship (so you know the kind of basic and cold riffs), but with vocals over them that are screeched and then run through an echo-chamber several times apparently. The music blasts on song after song, and I'm wondering if they're using only a drumcomputer or if some parts and some of the fills are done with live drums.

The songs are mostly indistinguishable from eachother (unless someone can actually discern the Macedonian lyrics) but somehow I like this. It's a bit weird I guess, but I'm glad I bought this at bargain price. It's not a black metal masterpiece, but this is the loudest cd I got in my collection (ignoring the Stalaggh cd, as that fits in a different category), and I like to listen to it for variety's sake. The screeches, the unrelenting drumcomputer, the insane guitarsoundscape, it's all so deliciously raw and loud. If someone asks me what kind of music I like to listen to, and I want to shock them, I show them Baltak. But only then..