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What Forces? - 0%

Morbidian, March 13th, 2006

This is surely the worst demo song I ever heard, but let's make the review. Surely, one song isn't enuff to judge the whole recording but problem with this demo is that he contains only one song, title one.
The quality of song is terrible, vocals are the weakest ones I ever heard in spheres of metal music, and that's the worst part of the demo. Vocals sound like they brought some mentally ill person in ''studio'' to record vocal lines...a real horror, indeed, but most disturbing are chorus parts, that sounds like some funeral cries.
Music is poor, but somewhat better than vocals...Taking the fact that this is home made record, there's no production, and that's bad, because those irritating vocals are pushed to the front, marking the everything else. Text of the song is mediocre and pointless, somewhat ''Manowar'' inspired but without any style or quailty.
Guitars are some kind melodic but far behind quality, they are too steril and uninventive. Drums are replaced by some annoying rhythm machine which doesn't match the rhytmics at all. Also I think that there isn't bass guitar, and if it's present, I can't hear it.
Anyway, this demo sucks, and it will be better for band to find a real drummer, and a better vocalist, 'cause with this one, they can't do a shit.