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A meaty slab of aggressive black metal - 95%

The_Ghoul, June 29th, 2008

This is black metal as black metal should be done. It's hateful, aggressive, intimidating, and a mouthful of hate. Everything about this eminates pure black evil; the sound is akin to apocalyptic warfare. The drums are akin to minigun and m-16 fire, the guitars are akin to fire ripping across the sky, and the vocals bombs raining down upon the doomed world.

Of course, this holocaust of an approach would be useless without good songwriting. And here, it's fukken awesome. It's brutal and whips you senseless when you need to be beaten senseless (Through the Eyes of the Beast, Horef Shahor, Destroyer (The broken alliance)) and is punishingly epic when needed (Where All Paths End, Createur, Kingdom (Burn Away From Me)) but never pretentious or poseurish, and always just what the doctor ordered.

One problem with black metal is that, even in the music, it's almost always image, not substance, but Balrog provides the balls to go with the blasphemy, so to speak, and the result is one crushing slab of black metal. It's both headbangable and appreciable on a cerebral level, I really can't praise this enough. It's also a shame nobody else has reviewed this yet, because this really one of the better black metal bands out there, and Bestial Satanic Terror is one of the best black metal rituals laid to plastic yet.