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Some Potential, But Totally Unmoving - 50%

DeathRiderDoom, November 19th, 2009


*Written for the 9th MA reviews challenge

Maybe it’s the waning enthusiasm for reviewing due to having written 19 this week, or maybe it’s the shitty quality of these headphones – but I don’t really care for this album. I dunno, it’s kinda really failing at rocking me out right now, and seems incredibly sub-par. I remember getting this one early this year or possibly last year and it never really stood out as a great release, or even a good release, but it’s here on my list so I thought I’d give it a go. This is basic, uncomplicated German heavy/speed metal with kind of a rough, undeveloped feel and very little flare adding to it. It’s not the worst album I’ve heard, but it’s time I started writing more scathing reviews of stuff I don’t care for. And thing isn’t really anything impressive.

The best cut is probably ‘In Chains’. A speed metal song that has some potential, but is just sorta lacking in extra dynamic touches to make it standout. Generally the sound quality on this album is a bit flat and rough anyway, but it’s still a rather flat feeling song. The vocal phrasing and lyrics are alright, but the lead vocals present on this EP are quite lame compared to other stuff I’ve heard from similar bands – and it just kinda keeps the song from grabbing you. The next track ‘White Line Power’ might even be marginally better, but production and a lack of refinement again hold this one back. ‘We Are the Rock’ is pretty generic, and I just can’t get into it. For some reason, this album just sounds incredibly thin, and annoying.

At full volume, and with some slightly better production, this one might be a passable album, but really – there’s no point bothering to find it – I mean, perhaps for the hilariously German pronunciation of “We are ZE Rock” in that number. But you can get the same effect from Grave Digger, and they kick a bit more ass than these guys. I guess it’s not really bad, but it’s unrefined and kinda held back – like some kind of early demo – where the songs are in their infancy, without developed changes of delivery in vocals, and additional songwriting touches that come about through more rehearsal. This isn’t a horrible album really, I just have no patience for bland, middle of the road stuff that fails to rock me out right now. See how you feel when you whack it on.