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This Just Doesn't Compare To the Previous Album - 78%

PowerProg_Adam, November 7th, 2003

After listening to Ten More Tales and the fact that all the songs are extremely catchy and well written, Balance of Power apparently fell asleep at the wheel for just a little bit with this album. While Ten More Tales to me is pretty much a complete and very unique album, Perfect Balance only seems to have about 3 or 4 songs that catch my attention. The production here is still top-notch, and I still hold the belief that for being a relatively obscure band, great production is what drives Balance of Power's albums. The vocalist has one of the most unique voices that I have heard in a while. The instrumentation is also usually quite enjoyable, fusing elements of standard power metal with just a touch of progressive metal. However something is missing here. The vocals and instrumentation are still done really well, but the songs just seem to lack decent choruses for the most part. The 3 songs that I happen to find enjoyable are Higher than the Sun, Shelter Me, and Hard Life.

Higher than the Sun has a very memorable, extended chorus with extremely high, yet no annoying vocals. Production on this track is very favorable to the vocals, which is probably the most inspiring aspect of this band in my opinion.

Shelter Me is in the power ballad type format, but it lacks the usual cheese that glam bands did it with, and comes out sounding very nice and melodic.

Hard Life is lyrically superb, and actually has meaning, unlike several power metal bands who sing about dragons and faires and the like. This song in fact isn't really a power metal song, it is more in the vein of a traditional metal song with screeching guitar. The singer doesn't test his vocal range as much on this track, but it is still rather enjoyable.

If you're wanting to see what good Balance of Power is, for the most part I would avoid this album. Its not bad, but has alot of filler. Still this album is better than any flowerly power metal that sings about fantasy elements way too much *coughRhapsodycough*. If you want power metal with meaning, by all means check out Balance of Power, if you like this album, I am sure you will absolutely love the rest of their collection.