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New, Unique, and Good - 97%

Symphony_Of_Terror, March 6th, 2003

Finally metal has a band that dares to be origonal and experiment in music to produce a new unique metal sound, Bal Sagoth. This band combines so many types of metal into their songs, there are symphonic power metal elements, death and black metal elements, deep clean vocals, and harsh vocals with sound like a combination of Children of Bodoms and Emperor. When put together they create an unique sound, its great! The mucisianship on this album is great, taleneted mucisians here, they obviously have an understanding of musical theory and know how to structure a song. At times this band almost resembles Stormlord, but more coherant than them.
The only porlbem I have with this album is that the harsh vocals sometimes aren't that great, they can get rather annoying and almost sound like the singer is gargling water than singing harshly. But this doesn't happen to often, and when it does its brief. The only slight problem is that very few times in the album the drummer plays theses god aweful fast drums and symbols, which sound like he is hitting his symbols with a double bass peddle, but this again is rare, and usually happens during those bad harsh vocal moments, so its not that big of a deal, doesn't effect the flow of the song much at all.
One thing this album can do well is build to a climax in a song at any one point, and sometimes the songs have several. The band also produces some nice riffs, and beautiful piano solo's or duets with other instruments. Overall an excellent album, I would recomened it for purchase by any metal fan, I can't see any type of metal fan who wouldn't like it, except you noise loving grindcorer's :). BUY NOW!