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Of Galaxies, Gods and George Lucas - 90%

Poisonblack, March 31st, 2004

Ok, they are childlike. Ok, they have to improve their Photoshop-Lightsaber skills... But they surely know how to combine epic and headbanging tunes without being a clone of no one.

You can't enjoy this band if you don't have some sense of humor. This is probably one of the most bombastic Metal releases ever, 8 songs full of powerful keyboards, good guitars and funny narrations where the band manages to show some really excellent ideas. Frontman and lyric writer Byron uses his clean voice and growls to accompany the different atmospheres created by keyboardist Jonny Maudling, who is the most talented musician of the band. His brother seems to understand his skills and really knows how to arrange his lines to Jonny's work, no solos but really good sound, well composed melodies and great riffs. The lyrics try to create an original cosmic saga in a very complicated way... but in five minutes you'll be thinking: "what the ..., is it a mixture of Transformers, Star Wars and Greek mythology?".

The album's highlights are the five opening tracks, specially the magical and profound "Of Carnage And A Gathering Of The Wolves" where some great neckbreaker ternary and baroque guitar riffs appear, and the thundering epic/speed-of-light "Callisto Rising"... The last tracks are not so good, but they still keep the spirit of the whole album properly. So if you are searching for an original symphonic black Metal discharge this is a good album for you. May the force be with you.