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Total fucking BM obliteration. - 95%

KayTeeBee, May 21st, 2005

Bael is another BM band from France which is nothing but another great BM band that hails from France, and on their MCD from 2003, Bleeding For Him, they give us some very original and mind-fucking-crushing brutality riffs. The BM scene from France is very diverse. Mystic Forest gives us Romantic Black Metal with a lot of piano, Epheles give us some straightforward and agressive BM with some great atmospheric parts, and Bael gives us brutality and agressivity.. in its rawest form. This is probably the most straightforward, brutal, cruel and belligerent band ever. Yeah, belligerent is the word that could best describe this album. Even though it's only 11 minutes short, there isn't a single fucking sign of lameness on this EP. Fucking amazing brutal riffs from start to end that crush you and make you want to headbang until your head flies off, vocals that are ominous as fuck and same goes for the lyrics. If you can read french just read the lyrics of 'Le R├Ęgne Du Sang' and you'll notice they perfectly fit the music. Unforgiving, unpretentious, sinister, minatory, and all other synonyms that come to mind. The drums here are full of balls too. No crappy generic drum beat or tone, everything just fits. The last track, 'Ma Destruction', is an attempt at something slower but even more threatening and deadly as the previous 3 songs. Overall this is fucking BM insanity. It's just that incredibly amazing. Get ready for total obliteration with this short but fulfilling MCD from the french masters.