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An improving band - 75%

RedSteel92, August 8th, 2011

My Diary is the second EP by Romanian thrash outfit Backlash, and it shows a band that is slowly progressing towards being a viable part of the new wave of thrash metal that is sweeping the world right now.

Unlike on the band's first EP Madman's Lullaby, Backlash draws upon more influences than just straight up thrash to bring to bear a more mature sounding record that shows that the band has genuine potential. You can hear a lot of groove influence on the intro and on the best song on the album "Inject It". The band keeps up this vibe throughout the album until the closing acoustic track. Instead of just trying to thrash straight through everything, the band has developed a solid of sense of groove and power which they employ effectively.

The vocals on the album are a weak point unfortunately, just like on their debut. Laszlo is a decent enough guitarist, but his voice has an irritating quality about it that detracts from the powerful grooves he and the rest of the band are laying down instead of contrasting them or adding to them. Laszlo also needs some serious work on his lyrics. "The Bitch Drank My Beer" is trying to go for a humorous vibe, but totally falls flat and ends up being the band shouting "BITCH" repeatedly. Similar problems plague the lyrics of the EP's highlight "Inject It". Laszlo is going for the tried and true metal drug song toeing the line between being for or against the practice, but ultimately winds up getting stuck in bad songwriting:

"Everything is possible if you know how to get it
Angel dust, lend me your trust"

The lyrics can't seem to decide if they want to be more sophisticated, or be a blunt tool of aggression and anger.

The drumming and percussion could use a little work as well. It mostly gets the job done, and the bongos on "Inject It" are a nice touch. But mostly they feel totally interchangeable and don't really add anything to the album. The bass can be heard sometimes, so it is really of no consequence either. Laszlo handles all the guitar work for the band and has a very good sense of heaviness and groove, the guitar work is easily the best part of the instrumentation.

All in all, if you like thrash and you like groove then you should enjoy the second offering from this up and coming band. I would be on the watch for this group in the near future to be making an impact on the international metal scene. 3 1/2 stars out of 5.