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Bacchus - 88

Raw Thrashing Madness - 75%

Oxenkiller, January 5th, 2009

Bacchus- one of those Bay Area thrash bands who opened for and played gigs with just about everybody back in the day, and who just missed the boat as far as getting a record deal. There are a couple of reasons for this...but we need not concern ourselves with that now.

This is raw thrashcore, with a definate nod toward punk/hardcore in terms of the riffing and the overall sound. Its very fast and angry, with raw and somewhat simplistic riffing and a few stomping breakdown sections. This band would draw comparisons to the contemporary band Rigor Mortis, or perhaps certain punk bands such as MDC. Bacchus was not a Testament/Exodus clone band like so many of the other northern California bands from the same time period. Fans of those bands might not like this tape as much due to its garage-like, punkish feel. Production-wise it is good, very raw, but still up-front and with a decent mixe to boot. The bass is loud and audible and mixes well with the guitars, while the lead work reminds me somewhat of the leads on the Possessed "Seven Churches" Lp. Vocals are more of a punk-like snarl than a growl or a "Heeeeavy Metaaaallll!" singer. Overall, it is aggressive, fast, loud and catchy, if thats your cup of tea than you need ask for nothing else.

Well, except maybe better songs. The best tracks on here are the opener "Mein Kampf" with its catchy riff and infectious energy, while "Malevolence" and "Pull the Plug" arent bad either. The other two- take em or leave em. This isnt the type of release that really grows on you with repeated listens. Some may even think this leans a little too far toward the punkish side, which is certainly a valid judgement. But then again, this demo sounds exactly NOTHING like their later material.