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Awesome black metal !!! - 100%

Akerthorpe, May 22nd, 2013

One thing I noticed right off the bat is the muddy production of this album. In my opinion this only adds to the sincerety of the recording. The obvious thrash influence makes itself known through simple yet effective riffing. This is a peerfect example of brutality through simplicity. Starting things off is the track "For the Glory of Blasphemic Supremacy". A slow track that seems to serve as a warm up to the all-out assault to come. Fans of old Megadeth, Mayhem, Rotting Christ and Blood Feast will love this. I'm not saying for a minute that these guys lack the talent and ability to take it to a technical level, I'm just agreeing with the fact that the shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line. However, I must complain just a tad bit. It seems to me that the vocals were a tad too low. If the level had been a bit higher it would have been better sounding. In parts they seems a bit muffled which does hold the track back a bit but overall it was a pretty awesome way to start off the album. A true nod to the old school here.

"Bleeding the 5,000" starts out with a nice bit of acoustic style riffing with nice cymbal work. An agonistic struggle of a growl accompanies this intro right into the ensuing hell. When the shit finally hit the fan, it reminded me of old Cradle of Filth with a hint of old Samael added for good measure. Again, a lot of the old school thrash/death metal riffing here and the longer this track plays it i sense a hint of a gothic sounding version of Mercyful fate/Black Rose with black metal vocals added to create a mutated spawn of hell crawling from the depths. This tune was quite a bit faster in parts and accentuated in all the right places to let you know that these guys know what they are doing without a doubt. "Darkness That Comes Before" reminds me a little bit of the Dark Funeral track "Open the Gates" as far as the riffing and tempo go. A slight punkish/thrash feel as far as the drumwork is concerned. now, on this track the guitars are a bit more refined and even have a slight technical edge to them. Also, I'm feeling a strong Samael "Worship Him" vibe here. In the latter part of the song I like how they slow it down. It gives it a suicidal feel in the vein of Shining and Make a change...Kill Yourself. It was good putting this song in the middle. A good way to bridge the beginning and ending of the album together. Don't know if this was the intentionor if it happened by accident but in any event it's classic. "Black Metal War" definitely lives up to its name as it incorporates more of the already mentioned formula creating a track worthy of this title. I expected this to be all out hell, but was pleasantly surprized when the band takes a slower and seemingly more agonizing path to get their point across. It's almost as if the band added a few doom elements to this track. I like thefact that this band brings to the table so many genres. It shows they are a well rounded band and can adapt to any material nicely. These guys are definitely well versed in the world of metal. This track erases all doubts of it.

"Bleached Bones" comes off with a death metal type vibe I would say around early Possessed and Death. I must say right off the bat that the constant banding of the cymbals at the beginning grew very annoying veery quickly. It almost ruins the song but thank the metal Gods it doesn't. This is the way the band wrote the song and I respect their efforts. But, I will say that if they ever re-record this track, they should lay off the cymbals a bit. Other than that This is a fairly decent track. The mixing of the track was pretty good so all in all this song turned out well. "Countess Bathory" ends this album nicely and I do believe this is a cover tune. Of all the versions I've heard, I like this one the best. It has that slight rough edge that adds so much to the volume and expression. the band picked a fine song to cover. This was an excellent album and I am pleased with what I have heard. I'll admit that I do like a lot of stuff but these guys shot to the top of the list. Well written and well played, these guys really need a decent deal. Their ability combined with the right person at the mixing controls is the near perfect formula for many black metal classics to come !!!