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A black metal EP of the highest form - 90%

Akerthorpe, May 29th, 2013

Baalberith play a decent form of raw/semi-technical black metal that, without a doubt, commands respect from peers and fans alike. Done in the vein of such bands as Moonblood, Immortal, Setherial, Craft, Siebenburgen and other bands of the like, this demo is sure to stand the tests of time. Starting this demo off is the title track "Bestial Creation". From the get go this is right in your face. There are no acoustic or ambient intros to build anticipation here. if you're not ready for this onslaught, it'll knock you on your ass. The guitars are razor sharp here and played extremely well. The drums are a bit muffled but in my opinion it just adds to the overall mood. As for the vocals, they seem to have a thrashy edge to them. To me, this is what it would sound like if Possessed and Kreator got together to make a black metal song. A very excellent way to start off this demo. "Writhe In Flesh" Starts off a bit slower and sludgier but it isn't long before it picks up. The keyboard work here is placed strategically and nicely. It's not overused like some bands do, but used just enough to make the song a little more interesting. Although Baalberith are a black metal band, this track sounds more like a death metal song with black metal vocals. they pull it off nicely though. Very few bands can do that. This was a rather short song but powerful nonetheless. "Infernal Ruler" finally brings in the ever elusive acoustic type intro. I like how they incorporate it here. Some bands have an intro then go right into the chaos. On this track, Baalberith choose to build up to it. A very wise decision as this seems to the the best and most thought out track on the demo. The production on this song was pretty good as well. This song was most impressive. The solos on this track were excellent. Nuff said!

"Encased In Blasphemy" has a nice little riff at the beginning that sets the mood for the ensuing chaos. I really enjoyed the drum work on this song and the overall feel of the track was nice and cold. This kinda reminded me of Darkthrone a little bit. Somewhere around "Under a Funeral Moon" only a tad more on the tech side. The guitar work was ominously grim and fit the rest of the song perfectly. Overall this was an enjoyable demo that shows a great deal of promise. This EP shows that these guys definitely take a great deal of pride in their work and are very professional. I know I have said that about other bands but these guys prove it 100 percent and then some...These guys seriously need to be signed. What would be really awesome is to have these guys get signed to a really good deal and to have them go into a studio and rerecord these songs with pro production and release the demo as an EP. Don't get me wrong the production wasn't that bad for what it was but i will say it could have been better. Like I said. the production on track 3 was pretty good but man. If these guys could just get into a really good studio and rerecord these songs. I would love to hear it! But, when all is said and done these guys still rule!