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Buried but not *dead* enough." Get it? It's funny. - 86%

OfBloodandIron, March 27th, 2004

I took a chance on this album. After hearing just one song off of it (Buried but Not Deep Enough), I shelled out almost $18 American for this. I'm glad I did though because this is the best "new" album I've heard in a long time with very few flaws. BK 49 (which I have no idea what that name means) is refreshing in their genre. They are death metal but their songs have melody and rythym instead of just pounding as hard and fast they can. It seems like they took time in thinking each rift and lyric instead of just making music that piss people off or trying to raise demons like so many bands before them.

While the band does have their melodys they also have kick ass solos that actually fit the sound of the song instead of just sounding like the guitarist said "I can do this real fast on a guitar, lets make it a solo." Again, it shows (or at least I think it shows) that the band thought things through instead of just playing fast and screaming loud.

The vocalist is awesome. He sounds very early Chris Barnes. He has your standard growl but can high notes with it as well when he wants which sounds awesome. Being the front man of a band, he does a great job. A+ for him.

The band though has faults. The song "Assembly of Souls" isn't exactly "great" but it's ok. Also, at the end of the first song, one of the guitarist just hits an annoying note for a loooooooong time (like 40 seconds) that doesn't do any thing but hurt your ears. I don't need that thank you. Also, in a few songs they use sound bits from movies (ie: lines from the actors), I felt they could have added a few more because they do a good job at picking the right ones.

Well, other than what I wrote above, this album is a must have for any death metal fan or fan of music that deals with gore..... luckily, I'm both.