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Bølzer > Lese Majesty > 2019, CD, Lightning & Sons (Digipak) > Reviews > Nattskog7
Bølzer - Lese Majesty

Into The Temple Of Spears - 85%

Nattskog7, May 23rd, 2023
Written based on this version: 2019, CD, Lightning & Sons (Digipak)

Swiss extreme metal mob Bölzer are back with a new EP of destructive music.

Glistening in with atmospheric guitars, a dystopian touch underlying within these discordant strings, accentuated by eerie sampling before a cacophony of blastbeats are brought in by a simple vocal howl. A mighty storm of extreme metal is unleashed with a ferociously performed display of mesmerising instrumentals and gruesome vocals in perfect harmony to deliver an onslaught of pure malevolence. When we are introduced to the cleaner vocals they conjure a hauntingly spectral sound into the mix that is as tranquility inducing as it is unnerving and dark.

This release, much in the vein of the bands previous material is a deliverance of blasphemous intensity but also gorgeously atmospheric and melodically flourishing musicianship that truly is impeccable. With a touch of dissonance here, gloriously traditional heavy metal elements there and a barrage of total obliteration, this release is well balanced and exciting with not even a second of wasted time or sub-par music. The second track offering some interesting ambience and harrowing narration that really ties the other tracks together beautifully. Blistering on through realms of depravity and destruction, this EP gives no respite and truly decimates any weakened folk that may stand in the way of this innovative offering in extreme arts most charismatically.

Pure visceral aggression and stellar songwriting that is macabre, hectic and forceful from start to end. An absolute music for anyone who enjoys the more estranged side of blackened death metal while still needing a firm punch of classic steel.

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