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Tightly Coiled Chaos - 80%

DEATHPORTAL, July 9th, 2013

Bölzer is a two-man band from Switzerland formed in 2008. In late 1012, the band independently released a demo entitled Roman Acupuncture. Recently, Bölzer unleashed a 12 " vinyl EP limited to a 1,000 copies simply entitled Aura. The album encompasses three studio compositions of a unique black metal/death metal mix with faint traces of doom elements incorporated. Having never been familiar with the band, I was pleasantly surprised how quickly I gravitated towards their sound upon first listen. Aura is a darkened celestial journey sure to please the fortunate ones who are able to get their hands on this exclusive treasure.

When I listened to Aura the first time, my ears filled with a sound reminiscent of French metallers, Aosoth. Perhaps it was the dissonant guitar, or eerie atmospheric fog that was exorcising from my speakers. However, subsequent listens proved, while Bölzer has produced a sound comparable to others, the band themselves crafts their songs that stand out as independently perplexing. Tightly coiled guitar riffs weave in and out, as do tempos. Their songs simmer, boil and steam, churn and wallow. While there remains some aggressive pounding throughout the EP's duration, there're more ambiences of electricity that buzzes in their sound than speed-induced ferociousness.

Aura plays at just shy of 24 minutes; with two songs on side A, "CME" and "Entranced By The Wolfshook", and on the B side, the ten minute plus, "The Great Unifier". Overall, each song boasts the same formula and similar format, and as a whole provides an excellent insight into this relatively new, but budding band. I really love the guitar work Bölzer executes. The riffs stretch and bend, and often times reach high peaks frantically. Furthermore, notable is the exemplary vocals and lyrics. The band's guitar and vocalist, KzR, bellows, hoots, yelps and yells through poetically written songs about, what I perceive to be, anti-cosmic Satanism and the struggle of man. One thing is for certain as far as Aura is concerned, a mystic of evil lurks throughout it's menacing intonations.

Bölzer most certainly attains success with Aura. It echoes through the misty fog of blackened, avant garde metal with ominous imminence. Fittingly, its exclusive to a vinyl release, which personally, I love and think adds further ethos. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for this exceptional band. No doubt they are worth keeping an eye on. As Aura quintessentially displays, Bölzer possesses an exceptional talent of which translates into intriguing uniqueness and unfathomable potential.
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