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Bál / Winter's Breath > Two Worlds > Reviews > Edmund Sackbauer
Bál / Winter's Breath - Two Worlds

Two Worlds split - 89%

Edmund Sackbauer, February 1st, 2022
Written based on this version: 2021, Digital, Independent

Two very talented one-man projects have joined forces to deliver a really cool little split titled “Two Worlds”. On the one hand we got Bál from Hungary who has to be one of the hardest-working persons in the genre. Since having started in 2017 he released four full lengths and a whole bunch of EPs and splits. The second part has been contributed by the talented guy behind Winter’s Breath, a project based in Vienna I stumbled upon via the full length debut “Graveyard Symphonies”. Both acts present their interpretation of black metal in different ways, and the great thing about this split is not only that it is a nice example of one person transforming a vision all on his own into really cool music, but also that it serves as a great starting point into the work of two up and rising artists.

Starting things off in convincing manner is Bál. Without any kind of long-winded intro he opens up with “Nem Látok” and hammers away with a heavy and pounding groove, some creepy guitar harmonies dwelling in the background and his barked vocals. There is a certain level of chaos as all instruments keep pouring in on the listener. In the middle of the track he slows down a bit and continues with more structured rhythms. Overall a really hellish tune of cold and traditional black metal. Next is “Tátogok“, which at first offers a slower mid-tempo beat and more sinister and disturbing harmonies. After 60 seconds the tempo and intensity is upped, with the track slowly turning into a desperate and psychotic piece of ultra-grim blackened art. This is some really soul-piercing stuff with a swirling maelstrom of down-picks and tremolo riffs leaving no time for rest.

After having been creeped and attacked for more than 15 minutes the soul needs something more relaxing, and while Winter’s Breath does not per se offer chill-out music and comes with enough power on its own it feels like a welcome change of scenery once the ambient intro leads into a more restrained style of black metal. While Bàl went for a buzzing and overwhelming production the music of Winter’s Breath feels remarkably lighter in tone. The main driving factor is the astonishing guitar work woven into impeccable songwriting and a masterful balance of melody and subtle aggression. A few palatable sound collages at the end of “Cursed” as well as some clean and chanted vocal parts round things off in a nice way. Second song “Hunter” is a slow and somewhat doomy piece of music, with the melancholic main theme being enhanced by urgently whispered vocals. In the middle the track gathers speed and transforms into something more straight-forward and upfront. Overall a fitting closure to a piece of music which offers much variety and shows different angles of the same genre.

“Two Worlds” comes highly recommended from my side. There is no physical release planned as far as I am informed, but you can get all tracks for one Euro I believe so I would say that this is a pretty good deal for nearly 34 minutes of black metal from two composers who have the right ambition. I personally will not be surprised in case we are going to hear more from both of them.