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Azure (Swe) - King Of Stars - Bearer Of Dark - 88%

corix, February 2nd, 2006

At the first glimpse of the cover, the first thing comes to my mind is Viking metal, yeah, they sound like just a bit, but the best to describe them is black metal, melodic, thrashy and some touch of death metal extreme riffing, I would say that these guys capture my attention, and never failed to bore me, but what’s with the clean vocal here? Well, that’s only in a single track here, and I have no problem with that anyway..hehe! Oh, by the way, I love the track # 5 called SELENE-THE SPIRIT, and a nice atmospheric and symphonic and some classical rhythm guitars on KING OF STARS-BEARER OF DARK, they manage a nice execution of a clean vocals that are accompanied by evil screeching, well, that’s my personal pick. Check this one out, great release from Pulverised Records. - Corix / /