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we are entering the dark forest! - 93%

barbanera, April 28th, 2008

Actually, I liked this EP a lot. I've been listening to black metal for many years and I can assure that it's not bad, REALLY. Maybe the music it's not that original... Some riffs are very similar to Darkthrone and generally the atmosphere makes you think at Those of The Unlight by Marduk, however there are some different and interesting elements. Riffs, even if not really original, are without any doubt catchy and the melodies are just great. I found great even the lyrical work (check out lyrics of Longing For The Dark Winterforest... just true black metal!) and the vocals of the leadvocalist satanachia are very rough and cruel... makes me think even to Marduk's singer in Those Of The Unlight! The production here is good, and I'm glad of it : not every band should have really rough production just like Darkthrone!

The songs, except for the stupid intro and the even more stupid outro (that's why I didn't give 100!!!), are all above average and good, and my personal favourite from this record it's the incredible night of satanachia! Just a great black metal song but I can't say why I like it better than the others because every song here is just kinda great...

I'm sorry that this band didn't continue its activity following this path, because I know that it would have made something really good... That's a pity!

Absolutely worth downloading... Look for the band's page on the internet, you'll find this album to download for free!