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Azaxul > The Arrival of the Demonlord > Reviews
Azaxul - The Arrival of the Demonlord

Horrible production, and just plain boring - 45%

KayTeeBee, November 6th, 2004

Don't get me wrong - I have nothing agaisnt experimental noises. But this is just too far. Experimental noise is nice when it gives the song/s a sort of ambience at least, but the noise provided in this is just bad. I don't know if it's extremely weird guitar effects or just computer effects, but whatever it is, it badly needs work. The first track has a few painful vocals here and there, which don't compliment the music, they just make it worst and painful to listen to. This song was a waste of time... You may be thinking "I like experimental noise, i'll like this", but no, it's just....boring. The second song is track 1 continued. It basically has the same shitty noise, with vocals as boring and as painful. And now... the third track. I expected at least one riff throughout this demo but no, it's just painful noise and a few "rape me!" screams here and there which made me wonder if this was a joke or not. The only "riff" in this demo is the intro of track 1, which is just repetitive and generic arpeggio chords.

No matter what, stay away from this at all costs.