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I got nothing. - 75%

Empyreal, June 30th, 2009

Azarath are a Death Metal band from Poland, imagine that, and they have the interesting ailment of having riffing that is strangely more Black Metal-influenced than Death Metal-influenced. This gives this whole album a very individualistic and unique sound, but I don't think it's done in a manner that is quite captivating enough to truly arrest the listener, merely being competent and fittingly evil. I mean, that is basically the mission this album and most others of its style set out to accomplish - be as evil and destructive as possible.

These guys have no problem admitting that, either; this album is just flat out, unabashedly satanic. Everything is played in a very tumbling, rough manner that resembles a fleet of boulders rolling down a cliff towards you, as you're stuck in a mire of quicksand, unable to escape. The guitars are fast and groovy and biting, the drumming is simple and bashing, fitting the music as a whole, and the bass is a staticy rumble of disease that never lets up. The vocals are usually a deathy growl not worlds removed from Vader's Piotr Wiwczarek, and they work well - ESPECIALLY when they're varied up for a cool gang-styled shout in some songs like "Sacrifice of Blood" and the cool "Queen of the Sabbath." This is something that extreme metal bands should experiment with more often, as it's a very cool sound and lends a lot to the music. There's even some variety here, with the last song having a very different, very cold atmosphere compared to the hellish ones exhibited throughout the rest of the stuff here.

Pretty much all of these songs are quality, with the band keeping things interesting for forty minutes and putting a smile on the face of anyone who enjoys a good old human mincing BBQ of blackened proportions. Azarath have not created anything astounding here, but they did make a very solid and vehement album that will actually grow on you with further listens. Always gnashing their teeth and sharpening their horns, Azarath are an unholy beast of a band you won't want to miss this year if you like extreme metal. Recommended.

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