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The Blasting certainly is infernal. - 87%

Sportswear, March 9th, 2004

Fucking great. All the weak, badly structured and loose sounding bands should just listen to just the first minute of this LP to take note of how to be greatly professional. Very fast, very brutal. Everything is put together crisply and professionally. The vocals are brutal roars, the drumming is fast and controlled and the guitar work is very accurate sounding in accordance with the rest of the band. The music is very fast and manic and the time changes are supreme. Not a massive fan of the solos though, they show no variation or change in tempo and are the usual fast and boring variation. Actually, there isn't much variation in general on this LP. But, if it is just brutal and fast as fuck you are looking for, this LP is fucking brilliant in that aspect.
Track 8, "Joy of Mutilation", is possibly my favourite track, that has an impressive intro and has by far the best solo of the bunch.

Yeah, good shit.