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Azarath quits fucking around - 95%

GTog, February 6th, 2012

This is a big Wake-The-Fuck-Up from the band that put us to sleep with Praise the Beast. Unlike the former album's lean towards black (which they're no good at), this is 100% fierce death metal in the blasphemous vein of Aeon, or older Azarath for that matter.

Only 2 tracks, one of which is a cover, this mini EP serves as a useful transition into Blasphemers' Malediction, their next full length album. Both tracks rage impiety, about what you'd expect from these guys. On Holy Possession Necrosodom puts a boot in the neck of Christianity and Inferno beats it to death. This track shows up on Blasphemers' Malediction too, because it's simply to good to live in obscurity on an EP. The other track Rebel Souls comes to us from Inferno's former band Damnation. Picking an older track to re-record pretty much announces an intent to return to form, which we know is not always successful, but it is in the case of Azarath.

After Praise the Beast, longtime vocalist & bassist Bruno called it a day, and so did guitarist Thrufel, which called for some lineup changes. Necrosodom picks up the vocal duties admirably, and also adds a layer of guitars. He offers an overall crisper sound in both areas. I am also a fan of Anima Damnata, so this is a very good fit for me. For the bass they borrowed nominal guitarist Piotr Ostrowski.

These four mesh together like it's been this way the whole time. Holy Possession is a furious delivery of anti-christian death metal, exactly what you want from Azarath.