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Azarath - Diabolic Impious Evil - 98%

dosig_edderkopp, November 4th, 2014
Written based on this version: 2006, CD, Pagan Records

Here is your impiety, for sure. Azarath’s “Diabolic Impious Evil” is so neatly woven together with its sharpness, its brutal clarity, which is to speak nothing of the basically perfect mixing of the record, that one feels almost drawn inescapably to innumerable hells, each bickering to conform your lousy body into its own particular and malicious subject. “Whip the Whore” starts us off, a splurge of unremitting blasting and bestiality, urging Mary to “eat my cum,” as behind the vocals a network of haunting atmospherics travails: there is little mercy here.

The guitars do their fiendish fireworks of snappy tremolos, articulating between frantic passages of hard-faced death metal a la Morbid Angel, Behemoth, etc., as the drums roil on. A few breakdowns here and there are graciously introduced, but not enough to offset the gunfire extremities of the overall packaged sound. In every song, one cannot help to be preyed on by the murder this band has invented (expertly so).

While many other acts of this blackened-death nature seem to wear out three/four songs through, or the listener wears out, these songs presented herein are arranged intelligently enough so that there is little boredom to experience. It is a record to be played in its entirety and on repeat to a group of your closest friends. Or your most distant friends. It is bleak, dark, and, of course…diabolic, evil, and impious. I have not heard any other records prior to this one, so I will not claim that the band has blessed the genre with a sort of refreshment, but I won’t hesitate to say that at least on this record, you will not be left disappointed; left in the broadest axioms of darkness, for sure.

Essential to Death Metal Fans - 96%

Nyctophile, August 20th, 2008

I stumbled across this band while reading the band page for Behemoth. Imagine my surprise when hearing the first few notes from this band. Don't get me wrong Behemoth is a well respected band, but honestly I've always regarded them as somewhat too commercial. Well, those commercial fears don't exist for Azarath.

What we have here folks is a death metal kid's wet dream. From the ominous beginning to the very end, this album oozes evil and chaos. I fucking love it!

Instead of giving a song by song review, I will succinctly describe the music as a whole.

To begin, if you (the reader) is anything like me, you want your music loud, heavy, and good. Honestly, a band can play technical riffs all day long but that doesn't mean their music isn't shit. The music needs to fit together well. Azarath does an amazing job balancing the different instruments and riffs.

I'll start by analyzing the guitar tone and arrangements. This is all you could ask for in death metal. The guitar tone is biting but still clear. Both guitars display an amazing amount of virtuosity but also restraint with the songs. There are no unnecessary solos which happens a lot in metal. Every piece of the song serves it purpose. I can't give these guitarists enough credit. Just listen, please listen to this album.

As far as the bass on the cd goes, it's noticeable and definitely adds to the sound. To be honest, the guitars kind of overpower the bass a little bit but that's ok. When the bass is audible you realize that the bass player has a lot of talent.

Drums on the album are also another highlight. I personally don't know much about playing drums but I listen to a lot of metal and I can tell this drummer knows his shit. Fills are always unpredictable. Thankfully, the drummer does not just blastbeat his way through the cd. Again, you have to hear it to believe it.

Vocals are the way that Death metal should be. Deep, growling, and furious. I swear that vocals can make or break a band sometimes. Personally, I'm sick of everyone that hates on death metal vocals. I prefer the power of a death metal growl to the shitty ass vocals that some not all metalcore bands have. Back to the point, the vocalist sounds like he is possessed. A definite plus.
The lyrics, well the lyrics, are pretty standard death metal fare. When you play evil music, you need evil lyrics. Azarath has plenty of that. Most of the lyrics deal with denouncing Christianity or God. With song titles like "Baptized in Sperm of the Antichrist" and "For Satan My Blood" do you really have to ask what the lyrics are like?

Finally, the music as a whole is unforgettable and well-crafted. One of the problems that I discover with some death metal bands is the lack of variety or diversity between songs. Fortunately, Azarath has the perfect amount of focus to keep the music varied but not discontinuous. The continuity of the cd is another thing that amazes me. Most songs last around three to four minutes but a few are only two minutes or so. Rest assured, the entire cd has excellent flow. There are no "boring" parts, just plain good music.

Let me close by emphasizing how important this cd is to pretty much any metal fanatic's collection. I am not just one of those over-exuberant metal newbies who listen to Slipknot on repeat all day (I will admit I did like Slipknot at one time before I realized how atrocious their band image and music are). But see? I admitted that my musical tastes grew. We all got to start somewhere. Take it from me. If you give this band a chance, I promise you that you will not be disappointed.

Azarath - Diabolic Impious Evil - 90%

Phuling, April 19th, 2008

This is the soundtrack to mankind’s descending into hell and Satan’s ascending, setting the world aflame. I can almost imagine the blood pouring down from the sky, as the sun turns black. ‘Cause let me tell you; bloody hell, this is one dark, satanic album.

The heavy, pummelling sound unwraps a thunderstorm of raging guitars, mangling bass, blasting drums and wicked growls, spewing forth utter darkness. Deicide is a band that easily comes to mind for comparison, which means brutal-as-hell, slick death metal, and by damn talented musicians I might add. But Azarath has a rougher edge than previously mentioned act. And well, did I mention Satanism. Just take a look at the track titles and tell me what you think. I have nothing else to say, this is just bloody brutal. Whip the fucking whore!

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Anti-Human, Anti-God, Anti-Me, Anti-You - 97%

He_Ra_Hu_Ra, November 28th, 2007

I rarely write reviews, except when I deem it extremely important. In most cases, it's because a band that deserves attention isn't getting enough. That seems to be the life story of Azarath so far... at least in the States.

Everyone is familiar with drummer Inferno's insanely stylistic and brutal assault from his black drum throne. He almost single handedly helped usher in Behemoth's new technial death metal era when he join for Pandaemonic Incantations back at the turn of the new century. Since that time Behemoth has enjoyed immense popularity and fanfare as a result of their signing with Century Media and their extensive touring with major acts across the US and Canada.

All the while, however, drummer Inferno has been busy at work on another project. Something even more diabolical, more raw, more hateful. A band whose vociferous bile spews forth from their sound so readily as to make one believe that, in a former life, these guys may have been involved in the black metal scene.

With the demise of Decapitated (even before the bus accident- Organic Hallucinosis was closer to a Machine Head or Meshuggah release than it was to their previous work) and Yattering (whose former guitarist is now a member of Azarath) and Nergal's constant touring and whoring for the media, Azarath stand victorious at the top of the remaining true Brutal Death Metal acts in Poland.

Their previous releases, Demon Seed and Infernal Blasting, were both excercises in the fiercest brutality. Their new release, Diabolic Impious Evil is an step even further ahead and to the left, with the pure satanic rage taking control early in the album.

Tracks like Anti-Human, Anti-God remind listeners why Azarath is such a powerful act- fierce riffs, though catchy, grind your face into the pavement while Inferno's drumming has the power and precision of a guided missile, but even more fun. It's so fierce and fast, in fact, that at first listen one might mistake Azarath for a hypergrind band if you ignore the more complicated riffing and chord progressions.

For Satan My Blood, another of the stand out tracks on this album, clocks in at just under two minutes. These are some of the most intense two minutes in death metal, incredibly blast beats, face shredding riffs and an evil goat chant in the background that sounds like hell itself has been forced taint first through your speakers.

All in all, this is an absolutely soul crushing release, by far Azarath's most evil and impowering to date. Long live the new Kings of Polish Death.

An orchestra worthy Satan himself - 92%

apokalypze, October 8th, 2006

For those who are not familiar with Azarath, they are what you could call an all-star band with members from various death and black metal outfits like Behemoth, Damnation, Yattering and Thunderbolt. Make no mistake though. The Azarath collective are as serious about their business as they can be and I'm about to review their latest offering.

Once the eerie guitar intro enters your ears you know that you're in for one hellish ride. Pretty soon it's confirmed as you get hit by a ferocious whirlwind of riffs and drumbeats. Enter "Diabolic Impious Evil", a different, more versatile beast than its' predecessor.

Where "Infernal Blasting" was, as the name indicates, a seemingly neverending blastfest, this is a more varied experience. Inferno from Behemoth is a great drummer and does here a tremendous job. His blastbeats are more blistering than ever before but he also throws in a lot of tempo-changes and tops it with tasteful fills.

Trufel of Yattering fame is back on guitar but as second guitarist Bart from Damnation has replaced founding member D. The axemen have outdone themselves this time, creating a package of great riffs that blend the brutality of death metal and the evil atmosphere of black metal perfectly into one unholy fusion. The leads are also amazing to hear in all their chaotic glory.

Bruno plays the bass just like in his other band Damnation. This isn't the kind of music where you search for memorable basslines because it's most of the time completely lost in the guitar maelstrom. What is fully audible however are his vocals and this is where he truly shines. Bruno unleashes a very aggressive and harsh growl that makes him sound pretty much demonic when screaming out satanic lyrics along with the music.

The production is clear but at the same time raw and dirty, making the album sound organic and not like an "Abyss production". Also, the mixing is just great. No aspect of the music is draining out another, which sometimes can be a problem with modern music of the more extreme calibre. Not here.

Bands like Belphegor and God Dethroned should shut up, listen and learn from Azarath, because this is how real blackened death metal is done. "Diabolic Impious Evil" is Azarath's finest effort to date and I will go as far as saying that it's the best album I've ever heard in the subgenre blackened death. There is no excuse for not owning this piece if you're into brutal music, period.

Highlights: Whip the Whore, Baptized in Sperm of the Antichrist, Anti-Human, Anti-God, Angels' Assassins