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Typical black metal done right! - 73%

Human666, April 3rd, 2007

This is the debut album of 'Azamoth.' Actually there is nothing new here because all the songs here were already released in their demo 'Ancient Signs of War', but now they are produced better and sounds better, but still most of it sounds the same as it was.

The riffs sounds like anthems for the devil...but in a good way! They are pretty melodic and dark and has the norwegian forests atmosphere as usual in the 90's norwegian black metal. The guitars sounds great, you can hear it clearly and bright without any noise. The vocals sounds almost completely like Abbath (from Immortal). You know, these raspy and silent shrieks, which I personally didn't liked, not here and not in Immortal. Black Metal needs another approach with vocals in my opinion. I think it could've been better with high-pitched shrieks or cookie monster growls. Bah, every time when I hear these vocals it reminds me a dying frog...which is sucks of course!

Alright, so the vocals are bad but the instruments awesome, what's about the songs? Well, the song-writing is pretty well. I mean, there isn't something different or outstanding here but it's a pretty good traditional black metal by the if you like it, you will also like this album!

The opener track 'Eternity' (which is also the title track) begins with a clean and thrilling guitars which repeats a dark riff, then it followed by drums and distorted guitar and some sudden shrieks...and it becomes aggressive and straightforward when all the instruments playing together. Then it becomes more paced with more melodic riffs and the vocals begins. It's a pretty good track and has some great riffs, but still the vocals ruins it a bit. 'Bloody Dawn' is also a great track with catchy melodic riffs and pretty decent drumming. 'The Eternal Horde' reminds me a bit Mayhem in their 'Deathcrush' era but with Immortal's vocals. The riffs sounds like a blackened thrash metal but still there are some melodic riffs here and there. It also has a nice break after minute and half which leading for a nice solo.

All in all, this album has pretty good songs which keeps on interesting for 33 minutes and has a dark atmosphere. So it doesn't outstanding or refreshing the genre, and it doesn't has to. It's their debut album, and it sounds pretty good for a debut. The song-writing is really good, the songs doesn't drags for nothing, they are developing great and they have a lot interesting riffs which makes this album sounds a bit varied and not dull. The vocals are the weak spot here, I just don't like this type of vocals and sometimes it gets a bit louder than the other instruments, but not too much. So if you fan of 'true' black metal-get this album, you won't regret!