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A Good Alliance - 86%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, September 20th, 2009

In 2003 one of the most promising black metal bands in Europe, Azaghal, recorded one song for this split 7” with one obscure reality from Italy, Gosforth. Black Blood Production organized this split and I successfully managed to get my personal, original copy out of 666. The first side of this 7” starts with Gosforth and “God Liar Prophet” song. The introduction is made of strange sounds before the mid-paced march of the instruments enters. The early Immortal influences are prevalent here but when the up tempo comes we can even notice some Hellhammer spores, as the black metal screams are truly evil even if not that original or astounding. The production is quite powerful, especially for the drums that acquired a lot of power. The few mid-paced moments show some arpeggios too but nothing excessive because the old school black metal elements are dominant. “Ancient Knowledge” follows the same style, so we can find more savage, old style up tempo and a maze of black riffs.

The B side is all for Azaghal and a quite long song, “Tuoni/Virvatulia”. The long introduction is for the march-like drums and the keyboards. What comes after is the black, schizophrenic “mess” (in a good way) of the typical Azaghal’s drumming and riffing. Some sections are so weird because there are some obscure arpeggios over the blast beats and they bring some clean vocals too, to create an amazingly ritualistic atmosphere. The main riffs are already distinguishable because they are catchy, in the classic Azaghal style. The vocals are demonic, raspy and the whole song transmits the classic sensation of frost and obscurity. The slower sections and the arpeggios are simply amazing for the decadent mood, closing a very good split between two good bands. Unfortunately Gosforth are too overlooked here in Italy but I hope they will succeed in creating their scene.


DuskLord, September 16th, 2004

What have we here? A split record featuring Azaghal! "Something new for a change" *cough cough sarcasm*. Nay, no mockery today. This split 7" is actually pretty good. At least Azaghal's side.

Gosforth comes from Italy, and plays pretty fast and "raw" black metal, but doesn't manage to be original in any way. Midtempo drumming mayhem and speedy guitars with mediocre vocals. Pretty basic bm-riffs. Nothing to comment here, nothing new. Stuff that you won't listen to the second time. Two tracks from them.

Then comes Azaghal's turn. One song (or actually intro / the actual song in one track) entitled "Tuoni / Virvatulia" (Virvatulia = Will-o'-the-wisps). The best song of Azaghal. Two minutes of symphonic bullshit... Sounds of thunder... BLASTBEAT! Some of the best intros I've ever heard. Unhuman warmachine (drummachine) pounding very fast, Narqath strumming the hell out of his guitar, and Varjoherra screams his guts out. Has some nice clear vocals in the back. After a couple of minutes the song slows down for a solo part, which is followed by a slower despair-part featuring acoustic guitars and clear vocals. After a minute (or so) the song returns to a midtempo ending.

You may have understood my point. Only because of Azaghal, I've given 85 points to this 7". If this was Gosforth's own 7", I'd give it 40-50 points, only because of the song "Ancient Knowledge", which is almost decent piece of blasting black metal. They still need a bit more speed, training and depth to sound great.

This 7" is HIGHLY recommended to fans of previous Azaghal-releases, and to EVERYONE who still haven't realized what this band is all about. BLACK TERROR METAL. With a feeling.