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Great Comprehensive Azaghal Collection - 85%

Swietowit666, May 22nd, 2005

(This review refers to the reissue version on Solstitium)

This compilation of rare Azaghal songs is the ideal CD for both fans of Azaghal and newcomers to the band as it covers the band's development from the earliest rehearsals to their current status. It also contains the band's best song ever, and IMO, one of the best black metal songs, being "Sielunvolhollinen". This song captures the band's uses of melody, thrashy riffage, and hellish black metal in one 7-minute masterpiece. It alone is worth the purchase of the disc. The other songs are good too, the first few being slightly more melodic than those found on the albums produced during that period (Mustamaa and Helvetin Yhdeksan Piiria). The bonus songs have probably already been heard in various forms by dedicated Azaghal fans (3 of them are just alternate versions of songs from "Of Beasts and Vultures"), but to have them on one CD is nice. Overall, a satisfying purchase.