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Ayreon - The Human Equation = Masterpiece - 100%

deathkvlt, September 10th, 2004

Honestly I wasn't into Ayreon but when I saw that the new album had Mikael Akerfelt (Opeth) and Devin Townsend (Strapping Young Lad) I got curious, so I bought it and what a surprise, it's a killer!

It has a really cool story where a guy (played by LaBrie of Dream Theater) crashes and goes into coma. Each track is a day (in total 20 days). While in coma he goes in a journey inside of him in which he comunicates & fights his feelings, and explores his inner-self while his wife and his best friend wait for him to return. Each singer represents a different feeling (except for LaBrie, Marcela Bovio and Arjen which are the guy, his wife and his best friend); Arjen Lucassen did an excelent job choosing which singer would fit in each feeling, for example Mikael Akerfelt is the voice of fear.

The music is incredible with a lot of progressions (which is the logical thing due to the fact that it's a prog metal album) but it manages to be prog without getting boring because it's really varied and has some really epic moments as well as some killer riffs. Also it expresses perfectly the emotions that the main character is going through.

I must say that the parts in which Devin Townsend sings are incredible, specially on track 3 (to bad he's in only 3 tracks... oh well). Also Irene Jansen (Star One) has a killer voice and does some awesome singing in the album (she is the voice of passion), and Akerfelt... well let's just say I love the guy.

I think Arjen A. Lucassen (who writes all the music and lyrics) is quite a musician, and I do believe he has created a masterpiece.

Anyway I think it's an incredible experience any person who loves any kind of metal would enjoy (a lot).