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An Experiment Gone Right - 96%

kriikii_the_great, March 5th, 2007

Ayreon's first album "The Final Experiment" is amazing in every aspect. From the intricate guitar melodies, to the meaningful spoken word vocals, every part of this cd comes together as the story of Ayreon enfolds. Also, the amazing power metal vocals support the epic tale of Ayreon, who is a blind minstel in sixth century Britain. Arjen Anthony Lucassen is the mastermind behind this musical tale; he wrote almost every song on the release. He also appears doing guitars and percussion on most of the songs on the disk.

The songs range in length from the less than three minute "Nature's Dance," to the eleven minute "The Banishment." Most of the songs have very complex melodies that are performed by a variety of instruments. Unlike most bands who just have guitar, bass, drums, and perhaps keyboards, Ayreon has all of those, and also violins, cellos, and flutes that perform. Therefore, I never got bored listening to this cd, because there are so many different elements going on in every song. No two songs sound alike on this disk. Every song tells a different part of the journey of Ayreon.

In the song "Computer Reign (Game Over)" there is a society in the future being described that is based on technology over passion. The message says that if nothing will be done to stop the computer reign, then the "serving computers" will gradually gain control over society, and cause destruction for mankind. The opposite of that song would be "Listen to the Waves" which is about simplicity and nature. It tells about how mankind is destroying nature, and how everyone should enjoy the simple things in life. The message in this song references to the hole in the ozone layer, saying "we befoul the air, and burn a hole in the sky."

Overall, the cd is very well written, and the complex lyrical themes echo the futuristic melodies in the music. The global messages in the lyrics are very easy to spot and interpret as well as the meanings behind the songs. "The Final Experiment" by Ayreon is an excellent choice for any metal lover, and I highly reccomend it.