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German Hard Rock - 40%

VNVNV, March 12th, 2007

This album by German rockers Axxis is entitled "The big thrill", but unfortunately there is nothing big about this album at all, and it's not even close to being a thrill at all. The album definately falls into the hard rock/power metal genre. Releasing an album in this genre (like anything else) can be done right or wrong. However I must say that more often than not, I feel like there are more albums created wrong then right in this genre.

Do not expect a thrash or heavy metal album, instead you'll be getting a crossover between Scorpions and Rush, nothing heavy to it at all. Just listen to "Stay don't leave me", it starts of as a Rush track, where the vocals are like Rush (ok maybe a pitch or two lower, but I am sure you get the point), then evolves into a semi hardrock track "a la" Scorpions. Do not get me wrong, the vocals are not horrible, actually the voice is alright it's just the way that it is being used is wrong, anyway just know what you can expect.

The music as well as the lyrical content are what you have come to expect of your typical german hard rock material, ranging from ballads to hard rock anthems. A song entitled "Road to never neverland" should give you a good idea of what the bad is about. Maybe the best thing to write is that if you are into typical 80s hard rock, where you dont have to pay attention to anything, not the music, solos or lyrics than you might enjoy this.

Clearly ballads like "Love doesn't know any distance" or "Heaven's 7th drain" are the best fit for Axxis, they bare both resamblances of those famous Scorpion ballads from the 80s but with a little less talent, emotion, and feeling.

The highlight? Must be "Road to never neverland", yup it's the last track. Hey if you like cheesy german hard rock then get it, otherwise dont bother.