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Lose The Chick Vocals... - 60%

Axelinger, February 17th, 2008

After discovering Axxis shortly after the release of their Time Machine album, I quickly became a fan and sought out all their other recordings, which entrenched them as a favorite of mine in the heavy/power metal genre. I could count on an average of 6 tracks per album being added to my ever-expanding favorites playlist, and Doom Of Destiny follows in that tradition with 5 tracks I'd consider worthy of repeated listens, but it's the other 5 tracks (not counting the Voices Of Destiny intro) that severely weaken this album.

The reason for my poor rating is quite simply the overkill of female vocals taking some of the edge off what the band has created. Better Fate, Bloodangel, Revolutions, Devilish Belle, and Astoria manage to rise above the yelping contributions of the female singer, Lakonia, but she drags the remaining vocal tracks down in a quagmire of unnecessary poppiness.

Father Father begins with a sappy intro courtesy of Ms. Lakonia, and quickly goes downhill from there - the intro being about as sucky as intros can get.

The Fire Still Burns starts off with one of the cheesiest examples of saxophone, or synthed sax, and never ascends above cream puff quality. Note to metal bands - if the producer suggests saxophone to enhance the sound, consider a blunt object to the back of the skull. It will avoid listener frustration later on.

She Got Nine Lives is just plain embarrassing for all invloved - including the listener, as I shudder to think what anyone would think if I pulled up beside them at a stoplight with this dreck emanating from my car stereo. The hokey slop of "Na na na na nine lives" is an exercise in poppy nonsense, which I hoped Axxis had left behind with their tepid cover of that stupid Steam A.M. hit from yesteryear, Na, Na, Hey, Hey, Kiss Him Goodbye on their Back To The Kingdom album. Maybe Bernhard Weiss still had a few "Na na's" left in his system from that session. Who knows? The bottom line is that, by and large, "Na na's" do little more than inject a large amount of suck into any song, and this song certainly rests in the category of suck. Very seldom does an album contain more than one lame intro, but this track gives Father Father a run for its money in the sappy intro department.

Doom Of Destiny (Arabia) has its moments, but the Eastern-sounding vocals at some points give off reminders of local ethnic programming on Saturday morning TV, in which some hip-only-in-India dude and dudette caterwaul in a language the vast majority of heavy metal fans can't comprehend. Again, the local immigrant population might consider it cool if I spun it on the car stereo, but to me, it just sounds damned silly in a metal setting.

Overall, the music is certainly heavy enough and Weiss' vocals are killer as usual, but the reliance on an overabundance of female vocals reeks of pure overkill and drags the album down to a sub-par rating. Here's hoping they lose the chick before entering the studio for the next album.