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Moving Forward to Victory... - 99%

Wilczur, March 9th, 2005

War-genius as their previous releases. Tight, complex yet ‘catchy’ enough to keep you involved and listening more. I find it their most listenable release without implying that this band is ‘easy listening’, perhaps it is a little bit more accessible then their “Strike” release as well as other work. I can go on a record to say this is the best Axis of Advance release yet because I think it has the most elements, there are many things going on which you will not notice until the 3rd or 4th spin – if then. This is NOT black metal, death metal or grind or any other genre you may want to place them in. This is metal. Extracted brutality from many sources to create the ultimate Axis of Advance album.

An aggressive release with many changes, from tempo to quite insane riff changes. It is always aggressive and brutal but on this release AOA took a step forward and added even more chaos into the puzzle. It is not pointless brutality, there is structure here and order is to be found but not for those who are only into music to tap a leg. I feel there is more variety on this release then on any other they have released, it is really a range and I hope this band keeps moving forward with this while maintaining its originality and integrity.
AOA keeps getting better, more intense while maintaining their sound. An album that is definitely recommended to start or to simply have. It has to be played loud, the power of the music just begs for it to be played loud. If you liked their previous work then you should love this, if you are knew to this band it is quite hard to describe the music besides the fact that this isn’t some ‘pass phase’ aggressive metal. This band is angry and complex and there are reasons for it.

The lyrics like on their previous albums are about issues of: sci-fi, human aggression, society and war among other things. As usual the lyrics are like little codes and if you are the kind to like to analyze them and question writing and meaning to begin with, this release will be a field day for you!

Stand out tracks: Revolution Decimation, God-Eye Command, and Cube of Odium

Now if only they decided to finally come and play Toronto – and if they do, not play for Inertia but for real metal!